I cannot stress how impressed I am by the work of Barrett Values Centre. Their work is grounded in extensive research and a steadfast desire to support the development of a values-centred world. Their tools provide clarity on the subjects of values and culture and enable people to establish their personal operating paradigm, that of their organization (whatever it may be) and that required to deliver a meaningful future.  Richard Barrett's Seven Levels of Consciousness is an accessible and thought-provoking way of making sense of how values play out and support or detract from progress.  I reference the Barrett work in my book Designing the Purposeful Organisation as a world-class methodology for measuring and managing culture and do so with great confidence based on the experience here at Primeast over recent years in the support of change management with our key clients.  As well as providing great tools and service, I have found the Barrett team to be helpful and sincere, to such extent that many of their team, including their leaders have become dear friends of the Primeast family. Many of our trusted facilitators, coaches and consultants are accredited Barrett pratitioners."

Clive Wilson, Director of Primeast and Author of Designing the Purposeful Organisation


"As an active and experienced user of Richard Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools, I commend his ideas and frameworks to anyone who is committed to a values-based approach and to long-term sustainable success."





John McFarlane, former Chief Executive Officer, ANZ Bank, Melbourne, Australia


"The whole system approach in Building a Values Driven Organization has provided our organization with an extraordinarily powerful practical framework for guiding and driving transformation in every aspect of our organization."





Tom Boardman, former Chief Executive Nedbank Group, South Africa