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Get Connected is a collaborative effort among a group of highly experienced transformation facilitators, aiming to empower team leaders with a practical toolkit to help them build teams and grow team cultures. It is a do-it-yourself package to guide you through the framework, process and methodology of team development. It supports you to question the way you work, to examine the assumptions you behold and to build the connection you long for.

The book is based on the belief that in most teams we have much more potential than we currently use, due to the way we organize and behave. It provides you with the possibilities to free more of that human potential by:

  • Empowering you as a team leader, or team coach to connect your team members on a more subjective and emotional level.
  • Helping you to see "the whole" journey in order to grow and create a more connected team, recognizing that it is not one or two events or workshops that make the difference, but rather the attention and respect you give your team by investing in time to connect and bond through dialogue around issues that are of individual and collective value to the team.
  • Supporting you in planting and caring for something, in this case a group of human beings, that is continuously developing and growing, and inspiring you to take risks and go outside your own and your team’s "safety zones", in order toexplore and evolve together.


This checklist provides a simple overview of what you can do to use the books Get Connected and Dynamics of Change when you want to either grow a shared culture, lead people through change or both. 


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1.) Introduction

"We know we want to transform the culture but we don’t know how!"

Get Connected provides simple and practical steps to navigate what many people see as uncharted, complex and even dangerous territory.


2.) The Mindset

A team operates in a system with an environment that consists both of a rational/logical world and an emotional/spiritual world. The team output will be impacted by what is happening in the environment and how the individuals and collective view and share objective and subjective realities.


3.) The Concept

‘Get Connected’ consists of five fundamental areas that you continually need to invest time in and connect to, in order to build the foundation for a solid, shared and successful team culture.


4.) In Practice

Working with your culture takes time and it needs consistent and persistent attention and care. In practice this means that you as the leader of your team need to make sure that culture is a natural part of your daily working agenda. What you give attention to and talk about grows.


5.) Dialogue Tools

These tools have been written in a way that should make it possible for a team to take them on without any help from someone outside of the team.


6.) Additional Material and References

Literature, materials and overviews of the tools and the seven levels of consciousness. 

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