CTT International Conferences

Every two years Barrett Values Centre® holds an International Conference to bring people from around the world together with a vision for conscious human evolution.  The combination of powerful stories, sharing ideas, successes (and failures too), and the building of vital new relationships have underpinned the design and success of previous conferences. 

The most recent conference was held September 28-30 2016 in Toronto, Canada, with the theme Values-Driven Leadership in Business and Society.

Members of the CTT Community and Trainer/Partners are invited to collaborate with us on these events. There are various ways that we would be excited to partner with you:

  1. Partner to create and deliver the whole conference, using the latest concepts in inspirational conference design;
  2. Promote the conference to your network;
  3. Sponsor the event, including speakers, celebrations, online interactivity and other promotional options that bring value to your organisation;
  4. Deliver conference sessions or pre-conference/post-conference workshops;
  5. Any other ways you may wish to be involved.

If you would like more information about partnership possibilities, please contact us.


Past events

Over past eight years, we have held our International Conference in Stockholm, Cape Town, Asheville, NC, Brighton and Atlanta. You can find videos from the most recent conference here