Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations


Richard has written this book in three parts:

Part One: Human Destiny identifies the underlying patterns that have guided the evolution of individual human consciousness and group (societal) consciousness over the past 10,000 years, and the impact that this evolution has had on the quality of governance and level of democracy currently being experienced in nations around the world. The use of the Barrett Values Centre’s Cultural Values Assessment instrument for mapping the level of cultural alignment and cultural entropy of nations is described, with case studies from Iceland and Bhutan.

Part Two: The Evolution of Democracy describes the seven values that are required to create a high-trust liberal democracy—the journey from freedom to trust. The impact of each value on the improvement of the quality of democracy is discussed along with specific measures and examples of good and bad practices from the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Part Three: The Destiny of Nations explores the impact that the future evolution of human consciousness will have on world affairs with reference to the need for, and the practicalities involved in, creating the conditions that allow democratic nations to work together to resolve the major issues facing the world at the regional and global levels. The book concludes with some reflections on the further evolution of democracy and the obstacles that have to be overcome for human beings and their societal constructs (communities and nations) to fulfil their evolutionary destiny.



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