Dynamics of Change - Exercises


Your ability to identify, initiate and create the dialogue that will help your employees transform their mindset, values and beliefs into new behaviour patterns is a critical factor for success. These patterns will help them to envision themselves physically and mentally in the change you are about to take on. Theses are the key exercises that we have found very helpful. The first key question for you to think about is ”What dialogues do I need right now to help my employees to progress in their transformation?” Based on your answer, you may find some of these exercises helpful.

The idea is for you to work through these exercises by yourself and then with your organisation. Do not hesitate to ask for help or assistance from your human resource department or external consultants. This is especially important if you feel insecure or imbalanced. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength.

The exercises are presented on one page along with helpful slides or handouts. The book includes suggestions on when it is best to use these exercises, or you can use the checklist.

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1.) Your Psychological Contract

2.) The Change Curve

3.) Diagnostic Questions

4.) Support System

5.) Force Field Analysis

6.) Stakeholder Analysis

7.) Balance Action Plan

8.) Team Reflection

9.) Learning Levels

10.) Future Dialogue


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