Building a Values-Driven Organization: A Whole-System Approach to Cultural Transformation



“When I reflect on what makes an outstanding organization, I keep coming back to the effectiveness of our people individually and collectively.  Our responsibility as leaders therefore is to enhance, harness and direct the capacity and energy of our people towards virtuous and valuable ends.  Long-term success has to have a solid foundation built on principles and values that act as a centre of gravity.  In business you get what you target, design, measure, provide incentives for and are passionate about.  This applies equally to principles and values, which need to be nurtured and directed through an effective whole systems approach and values-management framework.  This is exactly what Richard Barrett provides in Building a Values-Driven Organization.  As an active and experienced user of Richard Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools, I commend his ideas and frameworks to anyone who is committed to a values-based approach and to long-term sustainable success.”

-John McFarlane, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ Bank, Melbourne, Australia.

(This book has been updated and replaced by The Values-Driven Organization.) 



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