National Values Assessment (NVA)


Understanding The Culture Of A Nation

The well-being of your nation is significantly influenced by the needs that are uppermost in the minds of your citizens. Understanding what these needs are is vitally important for building a successful, harmonious, and peaceful nation. Whatever people say they need is what they value. You can explore these issues with a National Values Assessment.

Nations prosper or fail to the degree that they build social capital. 

Insights from a National Values Assessment (NVA)


Diagrams Learn More >

See what is important to the people, how they experience the culture now and how they would like to enhance it in the future.


Cultural Entropy® Score Learn More >
Learn what factors people are concerned about. What issues do they feel most need to be addressed? 


Values Jumps Learn More >

Learn which values are most important to people.


A Deeper Exploration of the Nation’s Culture


Additional Perspectives Example Report >

Gain insights from visual graphs, explore demographic differences by gender, age or other groupings to deepen the dialogue about what is working and not working. 


Written Reports Example Report >

Custom analysis reveals insights to open your eyes, challenge your thinking and shine light on the way forward.


Alternative Perspectives to Deepen Dialogue


Organisational Perspective

Uncover how people see the cultures of organisations in their nation and what they believe the organisations can do to improve. 

Community Life in the Nation

Uncover how people experience life in their community, how it is different to their perception of life in the nation. What lessons can be learned for local national governance?


Benefits of the National Values Assessment

  • The National Values Assessment provides politicians and government leaders with a way of measuring the cultural evolution of their nations.
  • The assessment highlights the most important national issues, and can be used to generate deep meaningful conversations among different societal groupings about national priorities. 
  • The National Values assessment provides a values road-map for achieving long-term sustainability.


Key Features

  • Short Survey - The survey instrument asks only three questions, is available on-line and requires only 15-20 minutes to complete. 
  • Customisable - The survey can be customised to the specific cultural and demographic needs of the nation being surveyed.  
  • Demographics - The richness of the survey data is determined by the depth of demographic categories chosen. There is no limit to the number of demographic categories you can choose. 
  • Cost Effective - The assessment is affordable for all nations. Costs are based on the number of reports requested, not on the number of survey participants.  
  • Multiple Languages - The online survey and plots are available in multiple languages. Additional languages can easily be added. Written reports are produced only in English.
  • Fast Turnaround - A survey typically goes from initiation to reporting in three to five weeks.
  • Option - Additional questions may be added at the end of the survey with the following options: Free text, Yes/No, Multiple choice, and Likert scale. Responses to the questions are provided as raw data categorised by demographic grouping. 


To read about nations who have completed National Values Assessments and view their results visit our National Values Assessment Resource Guide.


The Whole System Change in Communities and Nations document was produced after the third National Values Assessment Coalition meeting in Hungary in November 2011.  It offers some guidelines and ideas for carrying out whole system change in communities and nations. This document is a work in progress and comments are welcomed. Please send your thoughts and ideas to 


Sample NVA

Sample NVA Written Report

Sample NVA Diagrams


Descriptions of the Assessment Process 

Description of Assessment Process


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