Products for Society

Development as economic growth is an outdated idea. We need a new central key idea to guide human development—one that transcends and includes development as economic growth, and puts what it means to grow and develop as a human being at the centre of the measurement process.

The new central key idea is development as human well-being. 

Our products for communities and nations are designed to measure the level of well-being experienced by citizens by focusing on what is fundamentally important—the alignment of our personal values with our community and societal values.

When you compare citizens' personal values with the values they perceive in their culture and the values they would like to see in their culture, you are able to assess the level of values alignment and the degree to which citizens feel the community/nation is on the right track.  

You can also uncover the Cultural Entropy® score - the degree of dysfunction in the culture - due to the presence of potentially limiting values.