Customer Values Assessment


Understanding Your Customers' Perspective on your Brand

The Customer Values Assessment provides you with a detailed report on what values customers appreciate about your organisation, what values they would like to see given more emphasis, and what values are important to your customers in their daily lives. Knowing what is important to customers and how they see your organisation helps you improve your culture and your brand.  

When you show you care about your customers, they will care about you.

Insights from a Customer Values Assessment

Diagrams  Learn more >

In one simple picture, see how your customers see your culture. Find out what is important to them, how they experience the organisation and what changes they would like you to make.



Cultural Entropy® Score Learn more >

Learn what factors keep customers from experiencing the full potential of your products & services? 

Values Jumps Learn more >

Learn which values in your culture are most important to your customers.


Business Needs Scorecard Learn more >

Explore the values your customers experience and would like to see from an operational perspective to help you develop a more effective strategy for meeting their needs.

A Deeper Dive into Your Culture 

Additional Perspectives Example Report >

Gain additional perspectives on the culture of your organisation by exploring the perspective of different customer groups.   


Written Reports Example Report >

Custom analysis reveals insights that challenge your thinking and shine light on the way forward.

 Added Perspective to Bring it All Together


Espoused Values Analysis (EVA) Learn more >

The core values on the wall may stir cynicism or they may be alive in every meeting, decision and action. Find out which of your espoused values are recognised and important to your customers.

Top Twenty Values

Uncover the stories bubbling just beneath the surface in your customers' minds.


Custom Attributes Learn more >

Have the flexibility to group values into any categories you choose. See how your culture reflects product safety, ethical consideration, or the environmental needs of your customers.

Report Summary

Indentify the patterns that different customer groups see in your organisation.


Benefits of the Customer Values Assessment

  • The Customer Values Assessment provides you with a way of measuring and managing your customer relationships.
  • The Customer Assessment can generate insightful conversations about how well you are meeting your customers’ “value” needs.


Key Features

  • Short Survey - The customer survey asks only three questions, is available on-line and requires only 10-15 minutes to complete. 
  • Customisable - The survey is customised to the specific cultural and demographic needs of the customer groups being surveyed.  
  • Demographics - The richness of the survey data is determined by the number of demographic categories chosen. There is no limit to the number of demographic categories you can choose.
  • Cost Effective - The survey is affordable for both small and large communities. Costs are based on the number of reports requested, not on the number of survey participants. 
  • Multiple Languages - The online survey and plots are available in multiple languages. Additional languages can easily be added. Written reports are produced only in English.
  • Fast Turnaround -  A survey typically goes from survey initiation to reporting in two to four weeks.


Sample Customer Values Assessment

Sample Customer Values Assessment Written Report

Sample Customer Values Assessment Diagrams


Descriptions of the Assessment Process & Reading the Diagrams

Description of Assessment Process 

Description of the Diagnostic Diagrams


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