Espoused Values Analysis (EVA)


Are you living your values?

The Espoused Values Analysis allows you to see how clearly your values are being embodied by the organisation and how clearly they are recognised by its people. 

Your Core Values in Action


Espoused Values Analysis (EVA)

The core values on the wall may stir cynicism or they may be alive in every meeting, decision and action. Find out their impact in your organisation.


Benefits of the Espoused Values Analysis

The EVA allows you to see to what extent your employees believe the organisation is living its espoused values and how important they believe they are for the future. 


Key Features

  • Report will show up to 10 espoused values.
  • A separate report can be produced for the overall group and for any data cuts for which group reports are being provided.


Sample EVA

Sample EVA Written Report


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