Custom Attributes Report


A Different Perspective on your Values

Sometimes it is useful to analyse your organisation's values from different perspectives, for example, looking at your culture from the perspective of values that enhance or prevent cultural risk or values that represent desired competencies. The Cultural Attributes Report allows you to understand how your culture may be impacted by particular organisational practices. 

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Custom Attributes
Have the flexibility to group values into any categories you choose. For example, see how your culture mitigates or enhances risk, supports diversity, or builds engagement.




Benefits of the Custom Attributes Report

  • Ability to group different values into specific categories to see their impact on different aspects of your culture e.g. engagement of employees, propensity to innovate etc.


Key Features

  • Some or all of the values can be grouped into specific sub-sections, to help you understand the impact of Current and  Desired values on pre-determined areas of your business.
  • A Custom Attributes Report can be produced for the overall group and for any data cuts for which group reports are being provided.
  • Results are produced in Excel to allow for ease of additional calculations etc.


Sample Custom Attributes Report

Sample Custom Attributes Report


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