Comparison Report


Understanding Cultural Differences

The Comparison Report provides a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences between departments, units, etc. within your organisation.  This information will help you see what one group can learn from another, and how you might need to adopt alternative approaches to help groups transform their culture.

Insights from a Comparison Report


Comprehensive Analysis

Understand what differences in culture are experienced by different groups, or in different sectors of an organisation. See what groups can learn from one another and how there may be different priorities to focus on across the business.



Graphical Results

Explore the data of internal groups from different perspectives, to understand who are the people, how they see the culture and what they believe is important for the future.


Benefits of the Comparison Report

  • The Comparison Report enables leaders to identify strengths and areas for development in the culture of different groups within an organisation.
  • The report is available following a Cultural Values Assessment of an organisation and allows you to understand teams and departments more easily by seeing the strengths of each group, as well as the obstacles that they face. It also helps to identify where groups can learn from each other.


Key Features

  • Available for multiple groups from a comparison of  2 groups, up to a maximum of 9.
  • Comparisons are available between different groups within one survey.
  • Part 2 trained consultants can opt to take plots only, without the need for the accompanying written analysis.
  • Plots are available in multiple languages. Written reports are produced only in English.


Sample Comparison Report

Sample Comparison Written Report

Sample Comparison Diagrams


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