Cultural Evolution Report (CER)


Managing Cultural Progress

In a rapidly changing world, it is important to measure what is happening in the culture of your organisation on a regular basis.  The Cultural Evolution Report makes this easy.  It provides a strategic overview of the results of your Cultural Values Assessments, showing where improvements have been made and where there are challenges that still need to be addressed. 

Culture is a journey, not a destination.

Insights from a Cultural Evolution Assessment


Dashboard Overview

In one simple picture, see the progress of your group’s culture. Review how key measures have changed and what implications this has for your organisation.

Values Overview
Learn how your culture and the values employees consider important for the future have changed.

Comprehensive Analysis

Understand what positive shifts your organisation has made and what areas need more development, in a written report which outlines key insights.

Additional Perspectives

Explore the results using visual presentations in chart form.


Benefits of the Cultural Evolution Report

  • The Cultural Evolution Report utilises data collected from Cultural Values Assessments (CVAs) taken at different time periods, to present detailed information about cultural shifts occurring within an organisation from one time period to the next.
  • It provides you with a way of managing the cultural evolution of your organisation to the same level of detail that you manage your finances.
  • This information offers clarity around on-going strengths, successes, and hurdles, as well as new issues and opportunities that emerge.
  • Organisations will have specific metrics to assess the impact of cultural initiatives.
  • The Cultural Evolution Report opens a dialogue around creating resiliency while demonstrating the rate of change your organisation can sustain.
  • Part 2 certified consultants can opt to take the Cultural Evolution Plots without the accompanying written report.


Key Features

  • Consistency – Ideally the same template is used for all surveys so an accurate comparison is possible.   
  • Demographics – You are able to examine not only the organisation as a whole but any demographics collected.


Sample CER

Sample CER Written Report

Sample CER Diagrams


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