Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTVA)


Building High Performing Leadership Teams

Building a high performing, values-driven team that utilizes the strengths of its members requires commitment and an ongoing process of values management that becomes deeply ingrained into the ethos of the team.  The starting point is to find out what is and what is not working.  The Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTVA) provides you with an overview of what drives your leaders, how they work together, and what they want to build on or develop for the future.


Insights from a leadership team values assessment (LTVA)


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In one simple picture, find out if your leadership team is working to its highest potential. Discover the inherent strengths of the leaders, how they experience the leadership team culture now, and how they would like to improve it for tomorrow. 

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Learn what factors get in the way of leaders working together effectively. 

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Learn which values are most important for the success of the leadership team.

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Explore the leadership culture from a strategic perspective to help the group develop their plan for the future.


Additional Perspectives
Review the data from different angles to deepen the exploration and understanding of the leadership culture.

Written Reports
Custom analysis provides insights, challenges your thinking, and shines a light on the way forward.


Understanding Individuals 

When people are open to sharing, getting individual reports can help create a deeper dialogue and build cohesion. 


  • Reveal the motivations of individual leaders – understand which leadership values are important to them and serve as guides in their decision-making.
  • Understand how leaders currently experience their team and where they see opportunities for improvement.
  • Learn what factors are limiting the performance of the leadership team and preventing it from reaching its full potential.
  • Explore the values from a strategic perspective to help the group develop their plan for the future.
  • For Part 2 Certified practitioners working with leadership teams of twenty people or less, see the Small Leadership Team Values Assessment (SLTVA).



  • Short Survey – The survey instrument asks only three questions, is available online and requires only 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Customisable – The survey may be customised to the specific cultural needs of the team being surveyed.
  • Multiple Languages – The survey is available in multiple languages or written dialects.  Additional languages can be easily added.
  • Fast Turnaround – The LTVA can go from initiation to reporting in as little as two to four weeks.


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Sample LTVA Written Report

Sample LTVA Diagrams


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