Description of the Assessment Process

The assessment data is typically collected anonymously. Collecting data by name is an option. Requesting names can be useful when working with small groups (SGA) or leadership teams as it allows you to review data plots for each individual (IVA). 

Survey participants are asked to select:

  • Ten values that represent who they are (personal values); 
  • Ten values that represent how their culture operates (current culture);
  • Ten values that represent for them the elements necessary for their culture to achieve its highest potential (desired culture). 

The survey is typically open for one or two weeks. Reports are presented in English only, while the diagnostic diagrams can be provided in any of the chosen survey languages. Questions may be added at the end of the survey with the following options: Free text, Yes/No, Multiple choice, and Likert scale. Responses to the questions are provided as raw data, categorised by demographic grouping. 


Cultural Transformation Tools Assessment Process