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June 2020

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Jun 8 to Jun 12
Location: KPMG - Private Training
Trainer: Tor Eneroth
Language: English
Price: £ 0.00

CTT Practitioner Certification Course

This 4-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) certification programme supports you in building practical skills and confidence to enable you to work with cultural transformation and values-based leadership development with your clients, to support leaders in building values-driven organizations.

The CTT Practitioner programme is built upon the collective international expertise of cultural transformation, and delivered by experienced consultants, facilitators, and change agents, through real-life business cases and workshops, and comprehensive support materials.

This programme provides coaches, consultants and change agents with everything you need to, firstly, become accredited to use these powerful suites of values-based diagnostic CTT tools and, secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches to fully integrate these tools into your client proposition.

The program offers you the opportunity to learn by reading, observing, practicing and reflecting on yourself, your own challenges and through working with others. Additionally, it includes post-training mentoring to help get you started.

If you've already attended a CTT 1 Foundation course, we still advise you attend all 4 days of this programme, as some CTT 1 elements have been improved. Please contact us for more information.


Additional Description:

KPMG Practitioner/Cultural Training done in-house by Tor.