Using the Cultural Transformation Tools® 

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are powerful diagnostic instruments that help leaders measure and manage their cultures. The Cultural Transformation Tools are accessible to anyone who has become CTT certified.  

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Training Schedule

CTT Training is offered in a variety of languages, locations, and dates. Please click here to find out when the next CTT training is in your area or in a virtual format.  We encourage you to find out more by making contact with the instructor of the course you are thinking about attending.

We offer a CTT Part 1 - Foundation Course, a CTT Part 2 - Building a Values-Driven Organisation Course, a CTT Combined 1&2 Course, and a CTT Practitioner Course in either face-to-face or virtual formats.  Learn more about our CTT training courses.   

Once you have found the course dates that best fit your schedule, please click on the title of the course where you will find more course information. Please then click the blue "Register Now" button, which will take you to our registration form. Once you have submitted the registration form, the instructor will contact you within 1-2 business days.