Evolutionary CoachingSM

A new approach to leadership coaching. 

Every individual is on a natural, evolutionary journey of psychological development from birth to old age.  Where you are on that journey affects your needs, goals, values, and how you respond to life’s challenges. 

Most people have no concept of where their motivations come from, what stage of psychological development they are at, what stages they have passed through, and what stages they still need to master to find fulfilment in their lives. The only criteria they have for making choices are: what makes them feel happy in the moment, or what gives their life a sense of meaning and/or fulfilment.

When you know your needs and values will change as you grow and develop, it helps you to see your life differently; it gives you an evolutionary perspective. If you know that your needs in the future will be different from the needs you have now, you can look out for opportunities to not just satisfy your immediate needs, but also for opportunities to satisfy your future needs too. 

Evolutionary CoachingSM allows you to discover:

  • A person’s primary stage of psychological development: what is their most pressing current evolutionary need.
  • A person’s secondary stage of psychological development: what unmet needs they have that are holding them back.
  • The degree to which the cultures a person is embedded in are support or hinder their personal evolution.

As a coach, it is also vitally important that you focus on your own evolution as well.  

If you want to take people on a journey to a place they have never been before, it helps immensely if you have already been there.  You cannot guide people through territory you have not explored yourself. –Richard Barrett 


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