Culture & Vision/mission

Shared vision and mission give your organisation clarity of purpose and direction.

Getting the “right” vision and mission statements for your organisation is vitally important. The vision paints an inspiring picture of your destination. The mission describes how you are going to get there.

Every organisation should have both an internal and an external vision and mission. Developing the vision and mission should be the job of the leadership team. Although, getting buy-in from the senior executives as well as the employee population is essential before finalising your vision and mission statements.

We highly recommend you use the Four Why’s process, developed by Richard Barrett, to create your vision and mission.

The principal benefit of this process is that it requires you to be very clear about how you are responding to the needs of your principal stakeholders—employees, partners, customers, and society. The following diagram shows the Barrett Values Centre® Vision and Mission created by the Four Why’s process.  The four statements are focused on different stakeholders.