Culture & Values/Behaviours

The structures, policies, procedures and incentives that an organisation embraces are a reflection of the values system of the organisation. 

The core values of an organisation should do three things:

  1. Meet the needs of employees,
  2. Meet the needs of the organisation,
  3. Meet the needs of other stakeholders, such as customers, investors, the local communities in which the organisation operates and society at large.

Core values should also express the unique characteristic or function of the organisation. 

Choosing the “right” core values and developing behaviours for your organisation can be a daunting task. There are some basic rules to consider:

You should choose no more than three or four core values (maximum five) because employees find it difficult to remember more.  Make sure the values span at least levels 3, 4 and 5 of the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness® model. This will keep your employees focused on the drivers of performance.

Make sure the values resonate with your employees by involving as many of them as possible in the process of choosing values. A good way to begin this process is by conducting an organisation-wide Cultural Values Assessment (CVA).

After you have determined your values, you will need to develop two or three behaviour statements for each value. Since values are concepts that transcend contexts, and behaviours are contextual, it will be helpful to identify different behaviours for different functions or parts of the organisation.