Culture & Performance

Culture drives performance by unleashing human potential.

High performance cultures share seven characteristics: They are vision-guided, mission-focused and values-driven; they have high levels of values alignment and low Cultural Entropy® scores; they are adaptable and resilient, and they are vigilant about meeting their stakeholders’ needs.


An inspiring vision keeps everyone heading in the same direction. The vision of the organisation guides its long-term decision-making.


A purposeful mission inspires employees on a daily basis. When employees are able to align their personal sense of purpose with the organisation’s mission, they find meaning and bring their whole selves to work.


Your organisational values tell you how you need to be, individually and collectively, to achieve the organisation’s mission and vision.


When the values of the organisation are in alignment with the personal and desired culture values of employees, you will experience high levels of employee engagement. People will bring their discretionary energy to their work and go the extra mile to get the job done.

Low Cultural Entropy Scores

The Cultural Entropy score reveals the degree of dysfunction in an organisation caused by the presence of potentially limiting values such as bureaucracy and hierarchy. When a Cultural Entropy score is low, efficiency and productivity are high. A low Cultural Entropy score is strongly correlated with high employee engagement.

Adaptable and resilient

In a rapidly changing world, you can only survive and prosper if you are agile: if you can adjust to market conditions and bounce back from market place shocks. Adaptive organisations grow faster than hierarchical, bureaucratic organisations and have superior revenue growth. Adaptability and resilience are at their highest when accountability is distributed throughout the organisation and the leaders are highly accessible.


Organisations that care about their stakeholders' needs create success by building caring and trusting relationships. When you show that you can be trusted, and demonstrate that you care about the needs of your employees, customers, investors, partners, the local community and society at large, they care about you.

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