Full-Spectrum Consciousness®

The most successful organisations have low Cultural Entropy® scores and a well-balanced distribution of values across the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness and the Business Needs Scorecard

We have mapped the values of more than 6,000 organisations in 90 different countries using the CTT Cultural Values Assessment. The most successful of these organisations had either the top ten current culture values evenly spread across the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness and/or had a balanced distribution of votes for all values chosen by employees across the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness. Their top ten current culture values were also distributed across all segments of the Business Needs Scorecard.

Why are full spectrum organisations successful? 

The short answer is that they pay attention to everything that is important. Full spectrum organisations display all the positive attributes of the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness. They master:

  • Survival Consciousness by focusing on profit, financial stability, and the health and safety of employees.
  • Relationship Consciousness by focusing on open communication, employee recognition, and customer satisfaction
  • Self-esteem Consciousness by focusing on performance, results, quality, excellence, and best practices.
  • Transformation Consciousness by focusing on adaptability, innovation, employee empowerment, employee participation, and continuous learning.
  • Internal Cohesion Consciousness by developing a culture based on shared values, and a shared vision that engenders an organisation-wide climate of trust.
  • Making a Difference Consciousness by creating strategic alliances and partnerships with other organisations and the local community, as well as developing mentoring, coaching and leadership development programmes for employees.
  • Service consciousness by focusing on social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability, and keeping a long-term perspective on their business and its impact on future generations, as well as embracing compassion, humility and forgiveness.

 All these factors make an organisation attractive to employees, customers and investors.  Full spectrum consciousness is good for people, good for society, and good for business.