Business Needs Scorecard (BNS)

The Business Needs Scorecard (BNS) provides a business lens on the current and desired culture values in a Cultural Values Assessment. It maps the top values of a Values Plot onto a six-part scorecard. Each category aligns with different stakeholder needs.

A high performing culture shows an even distribution of values across all six segments of the scorecard. The six elements of the BNS can be used as a tool for developing a balanced strategy for business growth. The Business Needs Scorecard is an adaptation of Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard.

The areas of the Business Needs Scorecard include—Finance, External Stakeholder Relations, Fitness, Evolution, Culture, and Societal Contribution. The Culture section breaks down into 3 sub-sets to help give greater clarity around key areas of focus. These areas are Trust/ Engagement, Direction/ Communication and Supportive Environment.

In a Cultural Values Assessment, the BNS is used as a diagnostic tool to identify where the organisation is currently focusing its energies (current culture), and where the employees would like the company to focus its energies (desired culture).

Business Needs Scorecard Sample

Business Needs Scorecard Plot