The Evolutionary Human



This book challenges the Darwinian story of evolution. It suggests that there are underlying forces guiding the direction of evolution and these same forces are guiding our collective human motivations. In other words, evolution is not only purposeful, but it is also intelligent. This understanding allows us to shine a new light on the cultural evolution of Homo sapiens; the physical evolution of life on Earth; and the cosmic evolution of the universe. Unpacking this understanding, in a nutshell, is what this book is about. 



"The prophet of values-centric living, Richard Barrett, has once again moved the goal posts for society by unveiling his sweeping analysis on the nature of evolution. Exploring Richard’s book is a thoroughly enjoyable “ride.” Through his incredible awareness, he weaves a new narrative for conscious evolution, the benefits that flow from it, and the ways to achieve it. This book is a delight for those of us who have been fans of Richard’s work for decades, and a great introduction to his amazing mind and heart for first-time explorers of his very compelling worldview." -- Rinaldo S. BrutIco, Founding President and CEO, World Business Academy 

"Yet again, Richard Barrett triumphs by picking our world up as if it were a snow globe, giving it a timely shake and enabling us to make sense of what settles. He poses questions that cut right to the very heart of our current worldview. I was left with an even stronger urge to consider how I can be a greater contribution to our evolutionary development. If everyone read Richard's book, the world dynamic would quickly shift to a far happier, healthier and collaborative place." -- Richard Tyler, Chief Possibility Architect

"The Evolutionary Human is a must read at this critical juncture for humanity. It illuminates the fundamental attributes that make evolution possible and provides valuable new insights on how we can take our evolutionary journey in a more positive direction than generally anticipated." -- Björn Larsson, CEO, The ForeSight Group

"An important and succinct guide to evolving your personal and collaborative evolutionary intelligence in the context of a conscious, intelligent universe. This cosmology shows clearly how we can navigate current crises to reach our destined maturity as humans creating a world in which all living beings can thrive." -- Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.; evolution biologist and futurist, author of Gaia's Dance: The Story of Earth & Us

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