Articles, Interviews & Videos about Richard Barrett

We have a variety of articles, interviews, and videos about Richard Barrett. 


"Richard Barrett: The Meaning of Life - The Ego-Soul Perspective" by Excellence Reporter


"Beyond Emotional Intelligence"


"A Winning Company Culture Communicates Your Values Around the Clock"


The Ego Dynamics of Enlightenment Article


The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: What My Soul Told Me with Author and Speaker Richard Barrett


Interview with Richard Barrett and Hector Infer on Espiritualidad, creatividad e innovación en management


German Review of The Values-Driven Organization


Swedish overview of The Values-Driven Organization


Real Money Radio Broadcast 2015:

Richard discusses how to build a values-driven organisation and why values-driven organisations are the most successful.


Article: Richard Barrett ja uuden ajan johtajuus by: Kirjoittanut Yvonne Karsten (in Swedish) - June 2011


Article: Espiritualidade Nas Empresas – Mitos E Verdades Sobre Este Tema Que Ainda É Tratado Com Indiferença Por Inúmeras Organizações by: Vanya Faria (in Portuguese) - August 2011


Article: 'I' to 'We': a new learning for new age leaders (Human Capital Online)


A short interview with Richard Barrett on his new book Evolutionary Coaching (2014). Please click here to listen. 


Videos (in Russian): 

Richard Barrett in Moscow 


Richard Barrett on HRM