Richard's Podcasts


"How You Can Measure The Company's Culture" With Richard Barrett and Masks Off


"Take the Lead" Radio with Dr. Diane Hamilton (also available on podcastgarden and amfm247)


CultureLab with Aga Bajer - Richard Barrett: It's All About You


International Center for Conscious Leadership: Interview with Richard Barrett


Corporate Unplugged with Vesna Lucca is available on iTunes, Acast and


Co-Creating Heaven on Earth - Martin Rutte and Richard Barrett


A New Psychology of Human Well-Being radio interviews:

A New Psychology of Human Well-Being with Hannah Lee

Blog Talk Radio

The Zone Show

Inside Personal Growth

The Hundredth Monkey Radio

All Things Connected

The Intentional Spirit: Seeing and Being

A New Psychology of Human Well-Being with Susan Larison Danz

A New Psychology of Human Well-Being with Greg Volsen

The Frederic Byé Show: Ego vs Soul vs Business and Creativity



The Values-Driven Organization - Unleashing Human Potential for Performance and Profit


The Metrics of Human Consciousness Podcast


Living a Values-driven Life at Home and Work broadcast series episodes: 

Introduction: Richard Barrett and Patrick Somers

Episode 1: Richard Barrett, Tom Brady and Maureen Watson

Episode 2: Richard Barrett, Maureen Watson and Danae Johnson

Episode 3: Richard Barrett, Annalise Jennings and Per Hellsten

Episode 4: Richard Barrett, Peter Paul Leutscher and Jack Luyten

Episode 5: Richard Barrett, Rolf Schmachtenberg and Gabor Karsai