Richard Barrett

Founder and Chairman

Richard Barrett is the founder and chairman of Barrett Values Centre®.  He is an author, speaker and internationally recognised thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society.  Richard is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, an Advisory Board Member of the Centre for Integral Wisdom, Honorary Board Member of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. He resides in London, England with his wife. 

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Chris Gomez

Chief Executive Officer

Chris joined Barrett Values Centre in 1998 as Director of Information Technology. In 2017, he became the CEO and is responsible for the mission, vision, strategy, and culture. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS degree in computer science.  He lives in Crozet, Virginia with his family.

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Liz Hamilton

Finance & Human Resource Manager

Liz joined Barrett Values Centre in 2003. Liz has a practical and grounded nature and takes a long-term perspective in making financial decisions that will support the company and the people who work here.  The bottom line is important to her, but so is the growth and development of the organisation, and she strives to create balance to support these aims. She lives in Waynesville, North Carolina where she finds great pleasure in travel, family, friends and her dog.  Warm beaches and good company are paradise for her, so she tends to follow the sun and sea. 

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Recy Barnette

Finance Associate

Recy joined the Barrett Values Centre in 2012. As a Financial Associate Recy’s main responsibilities are invoicing and collecting payments. She also provides support with daily general financial processes, customer service and supports the Financial Manager.  Recy studied Business Management and Managerial Accounting at University of North Carolina at Asheville. She lives in Mars Hill, NC with her family. Recy does volunteer work in public elementary schools and enjoys reading, running and sporting activities.

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Allyn Chambliss

Director of Customer Success

Allyn joined Barrett Values Centre in 2007.  Allyn is the Director of Customer Success and is responsible for the operations, processing, and development of the Cultural Transformation Tools suite of assessment instruments. In addition, she contributes to product development for the BVC suite of products. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Allyn lives with her family in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

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Catherine Clothier

Assessment Consultant

Catherine joined Barrett Values Centre in 2006. As an Assessment Consultant, she places importance on providing personalised service to network consultants from the values assessment set up all the way through to results analysis. In addition, she contributes to product development for the BVC suite of products. Catherine lives just north of Manchester, England. She is a keen supporter of Liverpool FC and enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking and skiing.

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Emma Riley

Assessment Consultant

Emma joined Barrett Values Centre in 2010. As an Assessment Consultant, her primary focus is in supporting clients, setting up assessments and report writing. In addition she has a keen interest in analysis and trend patterns. Emma has a BA (Hons) degree in International Business and lives in Manchester, England. In her spare time, she can often be found travelling up and down the UK visiting friends and family.

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Adriana Mecenas

Assessment Consultant

Adriana joined Barrett Values Centre in 2018. As an Assessment Consultant, her focus is on helping clients, setting up assessments and writing reports. Adriana has previous experience in managing teams in IT projects & services. She studied Accounting at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and has an MBA. Adriana lives in São Paulo, Brazil and her ability to communicate in Portuguese and Spanish will provide additional support for clients in these languages. She likes to travel with her family to quiet places where she feels connected to nature. 

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Jenny Quinn

Innovation Support

Jenny Quinn joined Barrett Values Centre in 2007. As part of Innovation support, she helps to develop products and services to address the rising needs of customers. Jenny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Appalachian State University. She lives with her family in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Jarrod Davis

Software Engineer

Jarrod joined the Barrett Values Centre team in 2014. Jarrod's main responsibilities lie in the development, enhancement, and maintenance of the Cultural Transformation Tools suite of software applications.  Jarrod has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master's degree in Computing & Information System both from Youngstown State University, where he also excelled as a Track & Field athlete. He now resides in South Carolina with his wife and two children, and enjoys a relaxing day fishing whenever he can.

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Patrick McGuire

Software Engineer

Patrick joined Barrett Values Centre in 2007. Patrick serves the organisation as a trusted resource for innovative, practical, business-focused solutions. Having studied Computer Science and Psychology, Patrick was eager to join the Barrett Values Centre team to apply his software engineering skills in an industry of his passion. Patrick lives in Charlotte, NC, and spends his free time with family/friends and pursuing his hobby of playing amateur club soccer.

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Tyler Kim

Software Engineer

Tyler joined Barrett Values Centre team in 2007.  Tyler provides close daily support to the Operations, Network, and Innovations Services teams. He has a Computer Engineering degree from Virginia Tech, and resides in Alexandria, VA.

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Phil Clothier

Network Engagement

Phil joined Barrett Values Centre in 2001 and initially opened the UK/European regional operations for the company. He spent 10 years as CEO. Today, Phil supports consultants and clients in the exploration of personal and organisational transformation.  Phil lives the beautiful hills of Lancashire, England and is married to Catherine, the Operations Director for BVC, with whom he has two grown children. Phil is a committee member of his local village community where he can often be seen with a shovel or litter picker.  He is also serves as a Supervisory Group team member for AIESEC International.  

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Tor Eneroth

Director of Cultural Transformation

Tor has more than 20 years of experience working with cultural transformation in organisations and nations. He has been a CTT trainer since 2005. Tor joined Barrett Values Centre in 2011 to be responsible for the development of all training and support of the global network of CTT consultants and partners. Today, Tor is working to support leaders and consultants on their cultural transformational journeys.  Tor is married with two grown daughters. He lives in Sweden and loves being in nature, such as hiking, skiing, and sailing. Tor is also very engaged in local community activities.

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Margaret Kelsey

Director of Education & Training

Margaret joined Barrett Values Center in 2017. As the Director of Education & Training, Margaret supports our global network of consultants and Partner Trainers to explore and implement new ways to innovate BVC's certification and flagship programs. She also works with our Partner Trainers with the design and development of our Endorsed Training. She is a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education and holds additional certifications in project management, collaborative leadership development, and yogic science.  Outside of her role with BVC, Margaret enjoys her life with her family, living on an island off the coast of Portland, Maine.  In her spare time, she loves to bike, sail, hike, dance, garden, writes poetry and prose, learn piano, practice yoga and meditation, and generally encourage anyone to find and live what they truly value in life.   

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Jay Blithe

Director of Consulting

Jay joined Barrett Values Centre in 2013.  As Director of Consulting Jay works with organisational leaders and consulting teams globally, delivering culture transformation services through a collaborative consulting community of over 6000 CTT Certified Practitioners. With over twenty years’ experience of HR&OD leadership, specialising in culture development, Jay brings strategic concepts to life with a positive pragmatic approach to bring about meaningful change.  Jay is an accredited practitioner of Cultural Transformation Tools®, Facilitation Through Values and Managing Successful Programmes. She also holds a Degree in Business Administration and several diplomas and certificates in consultancy, coaching, and management, accredited by CIMC and ICF. Jay enjoys yoga and being outdoors. She lives with her family in South West England, UK.

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Hannah Lee

Director of Marketing

Hannah joined Barrett Values Centre in 2006.  As the Director of Marketing, her primary focus is on raising awareness of our offerings.  She looks after brand management, marketing plans, content development, and customer and market research.  Hannah has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  She lives in Denver, Colorado with her family, where she enjoys hiking, gardening, reading and traveling.

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Jessica Mullen

Marketing & Training Coordinator

Jessica joined Barrett Values Centre in 2013. As the Marketing & Training Coordinator, Jessica assists in a variety of projects related to marketing & communications, training & education, social media, and website updates. Jessica has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a certification in Performance Management. She lives with her husband and their dog in Raleigh, North Carolina. She enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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